\"CBR\" Сompany — Consulting, Building, Realting (Russia, Krasnodar)
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350020, Краснодарский кр., г. Краснодар,
ул. Красная 176-178

Dear sirs!

Welcome to a web-site of the company "CBR" Ltd.

"CBR" Ltd company the young dynamically developing company has begun the course of life in 2008 For this year in the field of building of a private home ownership our company has achieved certain results such as:

Arrangements are reached and deliveries of building materials under very attractive prices in various volume, as individually under the concrete order, and wholesale deliveries are adjusted.

Consulting services in the field of design decisions are rendered to the enterprises of a city of Krasnodar. The company carries on negotiations in the field of reconstruction of objects with representations of the oil companies in our city.

The company of "CBR" Ltd it:

Company activity

Our company in the modern market with a dense competition is ready to offer a wide spectrum of services in the field of building and reconstruction by a vein, not to the inhabited and commercial real estate. Our competitive advantage in the complex approach to the decision of problems set by the customer. The company is ready to help to generate to the potential customer its concept of the real estate which will correspond as much as possible functionally to requirement of the client and to realise it.